Steven De Keyser


I probably prefer « smart » to « smartness ». At Calysta we are smart because we are not only good at IP, but we think about what really matters to our clients and we bring the best possible service in an efficient and pragmatic way.

Smart is taking into account what the client really needs and ensuring we offer the best possible service considering the specificities of the client and its needs.

Being smart is giving the best, but by taking into account the other, not just what you think is best.

Calysta NV - Brussels
Lambroekstraat 5A

B-1831 Diegem (Brussels)

Calysta NV - Liège
Avenue du Parc Industrie 89
(site Accessia Pharma)

B-4041 Herstal (Liège)

VAT: BE0686.655.773


CALYSTA is ranked as a highly recommended IP firm in the 2018 rankings of leaders league