Guy Breitenstein

Contracting - Trade Secrets and Data Protection Specialist,Senior IP Attorney

The legal function is not usually associated with innovation. However, I strongly believe that lawyers can (and should) be innovative. Calysta gave me the opportunity to develop innovative ways of providing legal services (e.g. through « document design » techniques). Calysta also gave me the opportunity to develop new offerings like trade secrets and data protection and helped me to get adequately trained in those innovative fields.

In general, Calysta’s clients are not interested in abstract, theoritical legal issues. They are business orientated and need to understand the practicalities of legal issues as they relate to their business activities. To meet our clients’ requirements, I need to develop innovative ways of providing legal services to them. In this context, « innovative » is opposed to « traditional ». For instance, the traditional way of contracting is driven by lawyers for lawyers. The innovative way of contracting is to develop contracts as business tools, using plain language and « document » design techniques.

One of my favorite hobbies is music. I am playing music but also composing, arranging and producing music. I’m very much interested in sound design too. All of this requires innovation and creativity. I love it!

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