RGPD : Avez-vous le goût du risque ?
by Guy Breitenstein 04.07.2018
Si vous avez l’esprit d’entreprise, vous avez nécessairement le goût du risque. Vous consacrez une large partie de votre temps, consciemment ou non, à évaluer les opportunités qui s’offrent à vous et les risques qui y sont intimement liés. Vous vous efforcez de maximiser les opportunités et d’atténuer les risques. Vous êtes responsable de la gestion des risques.

Your Personal Data is Worthless !
by Guy Breitenstein 04.07.2018
This is a bold statement but your personal data itself has indeed no economic value. It is your processing of personal data that creates value for your business. By way of example, when someone posts a cuisine recipe on Facebook, this information is of no interest whatsoever to anyone. But when that information is available on millions of people, Facebook can mine the data and process it, for example to inform menu decisions in a recipe book. Facebook has created value from a worthless piece of data!

Why is a paralegal important for a client ? What happens behind the scenes ?
by Florence Bradfer 28.06.2018
A paralegal assistant is actually the person who processes all the information our clients share with our attorneys. At Calysta, we paralegals tackle all IP applications as a team and share our knowledge so to answer our clients’ inquiries swiftly and clearly. Also, IP applications are long-lasting procedures and can vary a lot from a country to another.

There is value in the “look and feel” of your company. Make sure to protect it !
By Clara De Schryver 14.06.2018
In today’s knowledge-based economy clients need to be aware that there is value in the “look and feel” of their company, and that having an effective IP strategy is not just about filing for registration once in a while, but also about monitoring and protecting what is already theirs. Read the full interview of Clara De Schryver.

CALYSTA s’est mise en conformité avec le RGPD – Comment avons-nous procédé ?
By Guy Breitenstein 12.06.2018
Nous avons commencé par inventorier et cartographier l’ensemble des données que nous traitions. Nous avons identifié principalement trois catégories de personnes dont nous traitions les données : nos clients, nos fournisseurs et notre personnel..

GDPR – The French Data Protection Authority imposes a €250,000 fine for a data security breach
By Guy Breitenstein 07.06.2018
In a decision published today, the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) imposed a hefty fine on OPTICAL CENTER, a French eyeglasses and contact lenses retailer.

Major changes to enter into force in Benelux trademark law on June 1st
By Claire Godefroid 25.05.2018
Time to have a closer look at your trademark protection in the Benelux! As from 1 June 2018, the Benelux Convention on Intellectual Property will foresee in new authorities for the Benelux Office regarding cancellation actions against a registered Benelux trademark, as well as new competences for the Benelux Court Of Justice on appeals against decisions of the Benelux Office.

Why protecting inventions is important ?
Interview Romain Lobera 18.05.2018
obtaining a patent on an invention does not mean that you can put your product on the market, you may indeed infringe a patent of a third party. Our work at this stage consists a.o. in providing our client with an advice on his/her freedom to operate, which involves various strategic aspects such as an in-depth study of the competition, targeting territories of interest and the best strategy suiting our client's business. Read whole the article of Romain Lobera

The relevance of GDPR, Trade Secrets and Contracting activities for an IP firm like CALYSTA
Interview Guy Breitenstein 04.05.2018
CALYSTA’s Trade Secrets offerings aim at protecting our clients confidential information in the light of the new EU directive that will come into force in June 2018. Very few companies realize that their confidential information has a real commercial value. Read the article of Guy Breitenstein
Not fake news, but trade in fakes news !
By Clara De Schryver 27.04.2018
Recently the EUIPO Academy organized a webinar concerning the OECD and EUIPO’s study on Free Trade Zones (hereafter FTZs), the latest in a series of studies on counterfeit trade. read the opinion of Clara De Schryver

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